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Georgian cell phone reload.
Send free text / sms to Magti, Bali, Geocell, LaiLai, Beeline Georgia

Communication is one of the most important components of people's relations. Unfortunately, mobile operators in Georgia only accept payments from credit cards issued by domestic banks or card verification process is required.

Using our service you can reload SIM card (recharge or top-up a mobile account) of your friend or penpal in Georgia from any country on-line. We accept on-line payments for the services of mobile operators in Georgia : Magti and Bali Georgia (MagtiCom Ltd, Georgian GSM operator, owned by Telcell Wireless LLC and ITC LLC), Geocell and LaiLai Georgia (Geocell LLC, Georgian GSM operator), Beeline Georgia (Mobitel Ltd, Georgian mobile operator).

When you top up a cell phone in Georgia, the money added right to the subscriber's account with sms/text notification. There is no need to purchase airtime voucher, recharge card, pin or scratch card from Magti, Bali, Geocell, Lai Lai, Beeline. For your safety, when you place an order for the first time - please call us to authorize your payment. Follow-up orders (top-up/recharge orders) will be completed within 24 hours. If you will top-up/recharge any mobile account on a permanent basis - you should purchase a Fast Reload Deposit and have all your orders completed within 2 business hours, after notification or request. Please, contact us for details. SIM reloading (cell phone recharge) time depends on the cellular network state, billing centers load and can vary within several hours. Currency codes used: GEL - Georgia Lari, USD - US dollar.

Free SMS, text messages, cell phone recharge, mobile top up in Georgia

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Send free text or SMS to Magti, Bali, Geocell, LaiLai, Beeline Georgia.
Top up a cell phone in Georgia using credit card or PayPal.

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Magti Georgia
send free sms magti
magti free sms info

+995599XXXXXX, +995595XXXXXX, +995591XXXXXX

599, 595

magti georgia coverage area

Bali Georgia
send free sms bali

+995598XXXXXX, +995596XXXXXX

598, 596

bali georgia coverage area

GeoCell Georgia
send free sms geocell



geocell georgia coverage area

LaiLai Georgia
send free sms lailai

+995514XXXXXX, +995555XXXXXX
+995557XXXXXX, +995558XXXXXX

514, 555
557, 558

lailai georgia coverage area

Beeline Georgia
send free sms beeline

+995568XXXXXX, +995597XXXXXX
+995571XXXXXX, +995574XXXXXX

568, 597
571, 574

beeline georgia coverage area

Map of Georgia :

Russia              Ukraine              Belarus              Kazakhstan              Moldova              Travel SIM card

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