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Russian brides looking forward to seeing you.
Welcome to "Alina" dating and travel agency.

It's commonly known all over the world that Russia is famous for Russian brides. Russian women are considered to be some of the most beautiful, feminine, tender, sensitive and loving women one can imagine, and it is generally accepted that a Russian wife is the best wife. But many Russian women can't find their happiness in their own country, and are thus still alone. Maybe it's you who will make one of these women happy.

The staff of "Alina" Agency has been providing marriage related services since 2000. Today we are experienced in communication, foreign language classes, travel related and legal services. We have verifiable references and an excellent reputation in the Russian dating industry - Testimonials.

"Alina" Agency offers you a wide range of services: beautiful Russian brides, background checks, matchmaking services, flowers and gifts delivery to Russia, Ukraine and other ex-USSR countries, romance tours, Russian visa support, Yoshkar-Ola and Mari-El travel, free dating service, general and legal translation services, fiancee visa support, and many more.

Travel Easy
Russian Visa - Passports, Visas, Advises
Moscow - Airport, Train Station, Tickets, Insurance
Yoshkar-Ola - Transfers, Tours, Accommodations
Tours - Kazan, Cheboksary, Sheremetevo Castle
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Free Video Profiles - Look At Your Dream Russian Lady
Fiancee Visa & Foreign Passport Support
Quick Dating - Individual Romance Tours

How to contact our russian brides?

Step 1. Create your own profile: Creating a profile is FREE. Click on the link "Join Free" on the top of this page and fill out the form.

Step 2. Contact the lady! When you are viewing lady's personal page you can send an email through the website, retrieve their contact information (direct email, phone and/or postal address*). If you have many russian women you want to contact, it will be prudent to upgrade your membership to basic or special.

* Email and postal addresses and phone numbers are subject of availability.

Personal contacts

Individual Romance Tour.

Absolutely NEW concept of Romance Tours! You like the idea of meeting someone special but writing letters seems too much of a hassle? Our Romance tours are the best way to meet REAL girls. You can meet ANY girl from our online database! Click here for details.

Russian Visa Service

We can assist you in quickly obtaining Russian Visa online, so you can visit the Russian lady you are interested in.

If you want to invite a Russian woman to your country we will help her to make an international passport, to obtain the visa and to organize her trip abroad.

Apartment Rentals

We offer safe and comfortable private apartments to rent in a number of different locations including Moscow apartments, Saint-Petersburg apartments, Kazan Apartments and Yoshkar-Ola apartments.

Fiancee or Spouse Visa support

We are a full service company; our goal is to find a special someone for you. Once that happens we do not simply stop working for you. We offer help in preparing Fiancee Visa Kit for you and your Russian fiancee that is designed to focus on both you and your Russian lady.

Russian brides from ex-USSR !
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d219 Irina 1962-02-06
b283 Tatyana 1984-02-07
Russian brides from ex-USSR !

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